Monday, November 27, 2017

Things from the Reliquary

Build it and they will come, by 'it' I mean random things and by they I mean ideas. A peculiar yet practical form of method writing involves the creation of props, so to speak, for a story. Either it can help flesh out the world of a story in the works, or it can exist in a vacuum and you can see where a crafted item takes your mind.

Here's a humble example. I found an interestingly shaped amethyst once and combined it with some milliput to make this:

Like any half-decent talisman, it focused the mind, which in turn brought forth ideas, which finally merged and twisted until it became this:

An elaborate but effective counter to writer's block, especially when you feel a need to produce something rather than something specific. Use this method too often however and your house will fill up with random craft works.

Still, whatever you wind up with can ultimately be turned to a practical purpose, from elements of cover art to illustrations to tools to help you better visualize a scene, or contrive a new one. Finally, it can help keep an idea from slipping away, which is easier than you might think if you have several projects on the go at once and are wont to misplace your notes.

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